Miami Cuban Embargo Relations Lawyer

Attorney Ambar Diaz holds a Juris Doctorate both from the University of Havana in Cuba and the University of Miami in Florida. She practiced law in Cuba before immigrating to the United States. She is also licensed as an attorney in Florida. Our firm focuses in assisting individuals and business immersed in Cuban and American business and immigration matters. We are perfectly positioned to advise individuals and businesses navigating the complex US and Cuban laws dealing with the Cuban embargo and immigration matters. Our nationwide practice assists clients throughout the U.S. and Europe successfully conduct business in Cuba.

At The Forefront of Change

For the past 10 years we have successfully represented individuals and businesses to navigate the murky waters of the US-Cuba relations. Until now, US law permitted limited activities dealing with Cuba under very strict limits and regulations. President Obama's announcement on December 17, 2014 as to the reinstatement of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States certainly sparked both nations' dreams and ambitions toward the future.

We have already assisted several businesses to conduct business in Cuba, both by obtaining the required licenses and authorizations from the Office of Foreign Assets Control and the US Department of Commerce, and also by advising them as to how to do business and conduct themselves while in Cuba. Our firsthand knowledge of Cuban culture, laws, institutions and people allows us to provide comprehensive advice that often goes beyond legal matters.

Ambar Diaz has extensive experience with Cuban and American commercial regulations. To discuss how our firm can assist you in your personal and commercial matters, call 800-686-2778 or use our contact form to the right to send us an email.

Pursuing Commercial Ventures In Cuba

We are constantly testing the limits of the US embargo on Cuba by requesting licenses for new activities, not undertaken before such as export licenses from the US Department of Commerce to allow US businesses to act as purchasing agents and shippers for foreign embassies in Cuba. We also constantly keep on top of new regulations and interpretation of the laws to help our clients to broaden the scope of their commercial activities in Cuba.

However, it is paramount to our practice to make sure our clients are in full compliance with US laws to prevent them from being the subject of federal investigations, or worse, from receiving heavy fines for violating the embargo.

We have obtained several travel service provider, carrier service provider and remittance forwarder licenses authorizing our clients to provide travel and money transfer services to Cuba. We have also obtained several people-to-people licenses, authorizations for public performances of US artists in Cuba, licenses for humanitarian, and religious projects to help the Cuban people, licenses for the export of donations, food, medicines and medical supplies to Cuba.

US-Cuban Immigration

We also focus on US and Cuba immigration laws, by serving those looking to bring relatives from Cuba as well as US companies in business with Cuban artists such as painters, singers, dancers and musical groups in general. We assist them in obtaining the required visas to travel legally to the United States.

Recent changes in Cuban law allow Cuban nationals residing abroad to return to Cuba, a process known as repatriation. Formerly, a Cuban national could only return to Cuba as a visitor, once he or she had established his/her residency in a foreign country. We have already advised several clients to successfully undertake this repatriation process.