Cuban Marriage Attorney In Miami

Increased travel to Cuba has led to increased opportunities for cross-cultural engagements and marriages. In many cases, American tourists visit Cuba and return to America seeking to bring fiancés and spouses back to the United States. Our firm provides extensive immigration legal advice to Americans and Cubans interested in pursuing marriage.

Immigration Challenges Due To criminal Convictions in Cuba

In some cases, Cubans attempting to adjust their status may find it difficult because of legal difficulties back in Cuba. Our firm has successfully represented individuals seeking permanent residency demonstrate the difference in a Cuban conviction and an American conviction. Because Ambar Diaz understands both American and Cuban law, the firm's founding attorney has been able to demonstrate that the criminal laws in the two nations are different and that a crime committed in Cuba does not necessarily amount to a crime involving moral turpitude under US immigration laws.

We as well assist US citizens and lawful permanent residents detained in Cuba to navigate the legal system and to obtain competent representation in the island.