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Cuban Marriage Attorney In Miami

Increased travel to Cuba has led to increased opportunities for cross-cultural engagements and marriages. In many cases, American tourists visit Cuba and return to America seeking to bring fiancé(e)s and spouses back to the United States. Ambar Diaz, P.A., is a leading American law firm on all things related to business and immigration in Cuba. Our firm provides extensive immigration legal advice to Americans and Cubans interested in pursuing marriage.

Financial Consequences Of Cuban Marriages

Ambar Diaz, P.A., has extensive experience assisting residents throughout South Florida apply for immigrant visas for spouses and fiancé(e)s. If you become engaged to a Cuban citizen you can bring your fiancé(e)s to America to live on a K-1 visa. Our firm will assist you in filing the fiancé(e)s petition required to bring your loved to America. We advise potential clients to wait and marry their partners in America.

To get married in Cuba couples are often required to spend thousands of dollars. However, marriage in America is cheaper, including the cost of the license. Additionally, by waiting to get married in America, citizens can avoid being financially responsible for spouses to whom they are no longer married. Citizens who sponsor spouses are held financially responsible for their spouses even if the marriage does not work out. As such, it is important to be very careful moving forward. We advise clients to conduct lots of visits and use the 90 day fiancé(e)s visa to establish compatibility. We work closely with U.S. immigration services to ensure that clients get favorable results.

For more information on how our firm can help you navigate adjusting to immigration statuses and visas, please call the Ambar Diaz Miami law firm at (305) 476-8100, email us directly, or use our contact form and we will communicate with you as soon as possible.

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