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Immigration/ Naturalization

At the office of Ambar Diaz, P.A. in Miami, Florida, we are dedicated to providing clients with comprehensive and tailored immigration representation and services. Below are some of the types of immigration matters that we handle.

Family-Based Immigration
We understand the anxiety and stress that being separated from your family can cause. We have assisted hundred of clients to legally immigrate to or staying in the United States via a family petition that can be filed by a spouse, a child, a parent or a brother. We are delighted to report the recent approval of the first family petitions we filed based on same sex marriage.  Attorney Ambar Diaz can explain your best options for bringing family members to join you in the U.S. at her Miami office.

Cuban Adjustment Act
The Cuban Adjustment Act of 1996 (CAA or Ley de Ajuste Cubano) provides for a special procedure under which Cuban natives or citizens and their accompanying spouses and children may get a green card (permanent residence). The CAA gives the Attorney General the discretion to grant permanent residence to Cuban natives or citizens applying for a green card if they have been present in the United States for at least 1 year, they have been admitted or paroled, and are admissible as immigrants. The spouse and child(ren) of an individual applying for a green card under the CAA may also apply for benefits under the CAA regardless of their country of citizenship or place of birth.

Unlawful presence waivers
Beginning March 4, 2013, certain immigrant visa applicants who are spouses, children and parents of U.S. citizens (immediate relatives) and soon also spouses and children of permanent residents can apply for provisional unlawful presence waivers (form I-601A) before they leave the United States. By unlawful presence the law understand those persons present in the US without having received any type of visa prior to their arrival. Before this waiver could only be applied for from abroad, therefore only a few aliens took the risk of leaving the country. The March 2013 changes mean the waiver is granted or denied while the person is still in the United States and before attending the visa interview in their country. The waiver is granted if the individual can show that his or her immediate relatives in the US would suffer extreme hardship if the person is not allowed to stay in the country.

We have assisted several of our clients to apply and receive this waiver. They have then traveled to their country and returned to the United States a few days later as a lawful permanent resident.

Our firm also represents clients in issues pertaining to permanent residency, obtaining green cards, citizenship, and naturalization. We also have extensive knowledge of matters related to U.S. / Cuba embargo relations.

Contact a Miami immigration attorney at the office of Ambar Diaz, P.A. today. Let a member of our firm help you fully understand your immigration options. Call us today at (305) 476-8100, email us directly, or use our contact form and we will communicate with you as soon as possible.

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