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Cuban Commercial Transactions Lawyer In Miami

A lawyer fluent in Cuban and American law is essential if you are going to conduct business in Cuba without violating the Cuban embargo. Cuban commercial transactions attorney Ambar Diaz started the Ambar Diaz, P.A., law firm to fulfill this niche. Ambar Diaz has a law degree from Cuba and is licensed to practice in America. The firm serves clients throughout South Florida and the United States. We are a future-oriented Cuban business law firm. We help clients conduct business in Cuba today and prepare themselves for greater business engagement with Cuba so that they can act quickly once the Cuban embargo is lifted.

As a legal authority on both Cuban and American business and immigration law, attorney Ambar Diaz offers clients comprehensive legal services tailored to avoid legal and commercial sanctions. From our offices in Miami, Florida, we assist clients with many matters related to U.S. and Cuban foreign relations, including:

The business and commercial dimensions to Cuban and American law are intricate. Our firm advises contractors, importers and exporters. Our objective is to ensure that clients get in and remain in compliance with OFAC regulations and the Cuban embargo. Specifically, we assist clients in obtaining the licenses necessary to do business with and in Cuba. Additionally, we ensure that clients renew licenses and address deficiencies in existing applications.

Our firm will guide you through every stage of the applications necessary to engage in commercial transactions in Cuba. In many cases, the very manner in which our clients’ businesses are structured can be an issue. Our comprehensive business formation and licensing legal services help clients craft and form business entities which can assist businesses in remaining in compliance with OFAC regulations and the embargo.

Traveling To Cuba Without Violations

We help clients successfully travel to Cuba with licensed travel operators to avoid OFAC Cuba travel restrictions. If a tourist visits Cuba with a travel operator who is unlicensed or whose license is deficient, the tourist can still be held accountable for violating the Cuban embargo. U.S. domestic law regulating travel to Cuba is governed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). The OFAC can subpoena and investigate individuals for violations of the Cuban embargo. Ambar Diaz, P.A., successfully challenges and defends OFAC subpoenas in a cost-effective manner arguing for a reduction of financial penalties, and requesting dismissals whenever possible.

American-Cuban Immigration Services

We assist both Cuban citizens and American citizens interested in gaining legitimate immigration status in the United States. We help fiancé(e)s, husbands and wives immigrate to the United States and successfully fulfill the immigration requirements for permanent residency and citizenship. Additionally, we assist employers and employees ensure compliance with employment-based immigration. Whether you are seeking asylum or are facing deportation hearings in Miami, Florida, the Cuban-immigration law firm Ambar Diaz, P.A., can help.

Protect Your Financial Investment

Ambar Diaz, P.A., can help you protect your business interests here and in Cuba. Our firm’s extensive experience at the cross-section of Cuban-American law is an asset. To discuss how our firm can help you avoid violating the Cuban embargo call us today at 1-800-686-2778, email us directly, or use our contact form and we will communicate with you as soon as possible.