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Cuban Embargo Exceptions

Exceptions to the Cuban embargo permit the trade of food and supplies with Cuba. In the case of agricultural products, American companies export commodities like wheat and corn, as well as farm animals such as chickens and dairy cows. However, even agricultural companies must obtain, renew and document appropriate licensing and export documents.

A Committed Focus On Compliance

At Miami, Florida-based law firm Ambar Diaz, P.A., we serve clients seeking to do business with Cuba, assisting them in successfully exporting to Cuba products that are in compliance with all export regulations.

Profit And Nonprofit Organizations

It is possible to do business in Cuba, particularly if you are in the industries of agriculture, medicine or telecommunications. As a Cuban American attorney, Ms. Diaz helps clients form businesses in the United States and in Cuba that legally engage in trade and other commercial transactions.

Even nonprofit organizations experience some restrictions under the embargo, as they still need valid licenses from the U.S. Department of Commerce. We assist in charitable donations to Cuba, which includes ensuring that nonprofits do not lose their 501(c)3 status by helping them donate to sister organizations in Cuba while meeting the appropriate standards.

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