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Actions Which Can Trigger An OFAC Investigation

Under the law, citizens are required to apply for licenses from The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) before engaging in commercial transactions with Cuba. If they do not, they run the risk of receiving subpoenas from the OFAC. Ambar Diaz, P.A., is an American law firm in Miami, Florida that represents clients throughout South Florida and the United States defend against subpoenas from the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

There are many actions that can trigger an investigation by the OFAC. Improper travel to Cuba through unlicensed travel agents. Purchasing Cuban products, including cigars. In fact, purchasing Cuban cigars on sites such as eBay has been known to trigger OFAC investigations. Under the law, citizens are required to apply for licenses from OFAC before engaging in commercial transactions with Cuba.

Social Media And Cuban Travel

Individuals who travel to Cuba should use an authorized travel company licensed to sell travel to Cuba. If there is any doubt that you traveled to Cuba without the proper authorization, avoid the use of social media channels to publicize your travels. Ambar Diaz, P.A., law firm in Miami, Florida, has represented clients who have been subpoenaed by the Office for Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on the basis of pictures and posts from social media sites such as Facebook. As such, we advise clients to avoid social media posts related to the travels in Cuba and purchases of Cuban products including cigars. These precautionary measures are important so that the posts cannot be used to fine American travelers to Cuba.

The Importance Of Self-Disclosure In Violations Of The Cuban embargo

If you suspect that you might have violated the Cuban embargo via travel or business, individuals and businesses may self-disclose to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). By disclosing to the OFAC affirmatively, clients mitigate the potential sanctions, including fines and loss of assets. Additionally, we assist clients with creating robust in-house trade compliance programs so that they can demonstrate to the OFAC during self-disclosure that there are processes in place to prevent future violations.

Retain An Attorney To Defend Against OFAC Violations

A subpoena from the OFAC can be disconcerting and alarming. Our firm has extensive experience representing individuals and businesses dealing with OFAC violations. To discuss how we can help you, call 1-800-686-2778 or send us an email.